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This story keeps on getting better and better


This story keeps on getting better and better


Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

I’ll say it once more before I vanish for a little while:

I take back those posts, and apologize for their content. it wasn’t mature, it wasn’t right, and it was delegitimizing. I’m sorry, to anyone and everyone I hurt. that ain’t cool.

deleted the posts.

shouldnt have posted them in the first place.

sorry, you guys.

Anonymous: hey i dont really understand otherkin either but im not about to go shitting on other people's identities, which are literally hurting nobody, just because I don't understand it.

no youre right! they’re not hurting anybody! and i admit that i worded that post poorly.  it went through a lot of revisions before i decided “fuck it, this is my personal blog” and posted it anyway, but it really didnt go through enough.

what i meant is that placing otherkin and that spectrum of identities on the same level as trans identities and the gender spectrum… i guess, is the ridiculous part to me? because… and i said this on my twitter but

gender is a social construct. its intangible and built entirely based on the flimsy support of hundreds of years of cultural reinforcement. the gender distinction is negotiable, and is in no way based in the physical world. femininity, masculinity, androgyny… all of that is something that we define and present for ourselves.

but the fact that we occupy human bodies? that is a lot less debatable. that is significantly less negotiable. you’re not a cat. you’re not a fae. you’re not a plant. that is sort of… well, scientific fact in a way that gender is not. and using… i guess nounself pronouns and kinself pronouns puts those sorts of identities on the same level as the gender spectrum, and almost equates them? which is where i use the term “ridiculous”. because one is a social construct, and one is a physical reality. to me.

that said, i have friends who identify a lot with various animals. my little sister behaved much like a dog when she was younger, very zealously. i understand finding traits and aesthetics in non-human matter that you find appealing and admirable and wanting to incorporate them into your life. i get that! wanting to be beautiful like roses, graceful like fae, loyal like dogs or aloof and affectionate like cats, that makes sense to me. i dont disagree with wanting to do that.

i do disagree with equating otherkin and gender spectrum/trans identities. i dont think theyre the same. i think its disrespectful to believe they are. and everyone who follows me is welcome to think otherwise. otherkin isnt going to be something i speak about a lot here, im happy to let people do what they like when its not hurting anyone. truly i am.

honestly, i made a quick post on my personal blog untagged under a read more, and then i went overboard with a friend mocking it. and for that, im sorry. youre right, i shouldn’t have done that. and i won’t again.

womp there it is